Attendance, Leave & Absence

Admission Attendance, Leave & Absence

1. 75% attendance is required for the promotion of a student.

2. Students will not leave the school campus during school hours without written permission from the Principal, which will be granted on the written application of the parents.

3. The Students who are irregular in class attendance due to feasts, celebrations, visits to relatives, marriages trips etc. will be asked to discontinue.

4. No leave of absence for the whole day or a part of the day will be granted except for serious reasons and prior written application by the parents.

5. Vacations will not be extended without prior information and written application. The students who extend their vacation for more than a week without sanctioned leave will have their names struck off the School Register.

6. Medical leave for more than 3 days will be granted if the application is accompanied by a proper and authorized Medical certificate by a doctor.

7. If a student remains absent for more than 10 days without any sanctioned leave, her name will be struck off the register and she will be readmitted with the whole admission process, with full Admission Fees and other full fees.

8. Leave notes or leave applications should be signed by the parents or guardian. Without these the students will not be admitted to class.