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“Those who do not burn with love cannot start a fire” St. Magdalene of Canossa.

The sesquicentennial Celebration of the birth of the patroness of the school St. Magdalene of Canossa 1st March 1774-2024 is a joyful moment for the Canossian family all over the world. Born in Verona (Italy) 1st march (1774-1835) noble and wealthy family. St. Magdalene of Canossa was a nun who loved God so much and served the people of the locality through various humanitarian activities. One such social service was educating the children and youth About 3000 Canossian sisters are working in 32 countries with various promotional activities. We raise our hearts to thank God for the gift of St. Magdalene of Canossa to our prestigious institution. For Canossa school it is an auspicious year to thank God almighty for all the blessings and it has received from God and from St. Magdalene for the past thirty years.

For the past ten to fifteen years have brought a significant growth in access to the web technology and in the educational possibilities of Social media. It has brought about vast change in the teaching/ learning process in the educational field. The social media has become essential part of everyday life. Illiterate or qualified, rich or poor, old or young everyone has been webbed by the social media as it is an easy means of communication and interaction. In the field of education the Social media plays an important role. It is good tool for education. All the information one requires is just a click away. Students can educate themselves on various topics using social media. It serves as a platform to help the students to carry out research work, Project work, innovation and creativity. Social media can be a good platform for learning, but it has its own disadvantages too. The excessive use of it has caused among the students addiction, individualism and lack of interest in real life and lost the taste of Educational responsibilities. It is the duty of the parents / guardians to monitor the activities of the young wards at home and guide them in Proper manners.

Sr. Rosy. M. P. (Principal)

Canossa School