Head Girl's Message

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As a student of class 12th I feel blessed as I have been studying in this school, for many years it is with great pride and enthusiasm that I embrace this opportunity to serve and represent a vibrant student community. According to me this is the best school to be educated in, this school not only believes in academic excellence but also installing moral values into the student. This school has mould me, Carved me into what I am today and where I stand for also it has inculcate in me a tendency of dreaming to reach great heights and to achieve them. A good leader is always positive, passionate and encouraging about work. Along with my team of cabinet members I look forward to Year full of enthusiasm, and with our coordination we achieve success in various responsibilities given to us. To all my fellow companions let us embrace the values and traditions of Saint Magdalene that define our school and work in unity to keep Canossa school's flag flying high up in the sky, fluttering with grace.

With warm regards

Head Girl

Kritika Tiwari